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Social Media Management | Content Creation



We are Butter Content - a creative marketing agency designed to give Brisbane businesses a helping hand when it comes to the tricky business of content creation.

From photography to copywriting to social media scheduling, we want to take them into our little goblin hands and make your online presence look as fabulous as you are.


Butter is owned and operated by Erin and Lucy, two Brisbanites who will never say no to a cup of tea, or the opportunity to help you with your business stress.

Erin is a professional commercial and wedding photographer, working across Queensland and northern New South Wales for 8 years. Elegantly capturing memories and editing to perfection, she will make your business shine - like it so very rightly deserves to!  

Lucy is a marketing whiz - an award winning copywriter passionate about engagement, analytics and crafting the perfect brand voice. Her instagram-milkshake will bring all your dream customers to the yard.

With their noggins combined, they are ready to whip your business' digital presence into shape.



Show us yours and we'll show you ours... Our information of course. What were you thinking? 

And just like with butter, the more the better.

Let us know what you're after, and we'll get back to you lickety-split.

Thanks, Butter buddy! We'll be sliding into your inbox real soon.

Psst, hey! Contact forms cramping your style? 

Send us an email at hello@buttercontent.com.

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